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We are the

New Orleans Musicians Alliance

We welcome every musician and are united with a goal to provide a safe and equitable space

for musicians in New Orleans in which to advocate for better pay and working conditions.




"To organize a collective body of engaged musicians to advocate on behalf of musicians

in all aspects of the New Orleans service industry. Musicians are essential for the local

economy and we are no longer willing to be exploited and underpaid for our labor.


Starting from a desire for a living wage for musicians in post pandemic New Orleans, the

Musicians Alliance will expand as the needs of the gigging musician expands.


We do not perform the same role as the Union. We are a safe space for career musicians

and active allies to share their experience, service, and resources for the common good of

New Orleans musicians. We aim to empower musicians by giving them agency

in the historically exploitative music and tourism industry of the city.


This happens through a thorough internal housecleaning of the individual musicians

attitude and the economic education of the artist, venue, and consumer. We also aim

to address racism and sexism in the music community, the needs of the undocumented,

and other forms of pay disparity. Our goals are ambitious but attainable.


We will create a healthy music scene through your service and building connections.

Our goals will be accomplished through patient and diligent collective action. "


New Orleans Musicians!

By taking this anonymous survey, you are helping paint the complete

picture of Pre-COVID working conditions of musicians in New Orleans.


If you are a New Orleans musician, we invite you to join our weekly meetings.

We value your voice and want to hear from you.

Membership is free and includes receiving emails for meetings and updates.

To be included, please email us at

or fill out the contact form at the end of this page.

Thank you!

Why Now?

This pandemic has affected all of us.

What once was has now been altered,

- including -

a collective shift in consciousness and

a restructuring of our priorities. 

As we lean in and set our sights on what's next,

remember that our future is up to us.

What are the boundaries we set for ourselves, and

how do we choose to respond to events outside of our control?

In this spirit of thinking, and solidarity in mind (for this ethos extends

across all humanity regardless of gender, race, profession, or creed),

we have a moment in time to grasp, when this sleeping giant of an industry is

still in the process of opening an eye, before it fully awakes in its future form. 

Now is our chance to lift up and raise the bar, for living wages for one and all.

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Thank you!